As a non-profit corporation, the NMRA realizes a small revenue gain from tournaments and uses it to promote racquetball for everyone. Many of our members support that goal through added donations – so if you are among those who choose to contribute, we thank you in advance for your generosity and confidence in us. Two funds achieve our goals and both are tax-deductible.

The General Fund supports the operating budget from which we run our tournaments, buy our medals, and make occasional donations to other great racquetball causes. Many donors select this fund when they contribute, since monies are often used to improve the overall tournament experience.  For example, if someone wanted to underwrite the cost of a player luncheon, they would specify the general fund for that donation.

One of our most valued donors has been the CEO of NES Associates in Arlington, Virginia, who believes in the NMRA and donates with the goal of increasing membership. To do so, he stipulates that his donations be used directly to provide better hospitality and a higher-quality jacket for all players.

The Future Fund is a larger pool of donations, built over decades, that is set aside for special projects that benefit NMRA and the sport as a whole. The money is invested in a low-risk fund and not immediately liquid; however, funds could be tapped in the event of an emergency. Under the advice of the Future Fund Executive Director, the NMRA Board of Directors could also vote to approve spending to support a major opportunity to advance the sport. For those purposes, some people prefer to designate the NMRA Future Fund in their planned giving.

Occasionally, fund transfers between the two accounts may be approved by vote of the Board. For all donations to either fund, tax-deductible donation letters are issued after the end of the tax year.  Interested in charitable giving? Reach out to any Board Member for guidance – with thanks!