In each of its two major annual tournaments – the NMRA National Championship and an NMRA International Championship – competition is offered in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. A third Doubles Only tournament is also hosted each year. In each event, age bracketed play is set in five-year increments starting at age 40+.

No more “one and done” …  All divisions are played in round-robin format and all matches are self-officiated, which guarantees you are never eliminated, and that sportsmanship is always prized. You’ll be among good friends who share your love of the sport and value fair competition even more than winning.

Fielding some of the largest player pools in Master’s divisions, play typically begins on Wednesday and ends on Saturday of the Championship week. Our family-friendly events welcome guests to spectate at no charge, and a low-cost hospitality option is offered for friends and family to share in daily full lunches and a Friday night banquet which is legendary on the tournament circuit.

First-time players are not required to join the NMRA right away; however, you must be a member in good standing of USA Racquetball to compete. 

Already a member? NMRA and USAR player profiles are one and the same, so be sure to keep your record up to date to make sure you get all the latest information (and the right size souvenir whenever you compete!).

Care to host a Masters Championship? The NMRA is always seeking new venues for its competition and welcomes host bids from court club facilities across the country. Contact current NMRA President Cindy Tilbury, or any board member, for more information.