Gone But Not Forgotten – Players Who Have Passed

The players below have all been loyal NMRA members who have passed away. Two or three times a year, we honor their memories at our tournament banquets, and many related posts appear within the In Memoriam category. They are truly not forgotten.

If you have updates or corrections to this list, please contact our membership coordinator or any other NMRA board member. We need your help in keeping us up-to-date on our members and players.

In Loving Memory

Name State Year Memorialized
Ralph Stillman [1931-2017] MN 2017
Jim Schenck II IN 2016
Grant “Spoony” Morrill [1937-2016] PA 2016
Dick Kincade [1925-2015] CO 2015
Bobby Sanders OH 2015
Fred Letter OH 2015
Joe Goldman MA 2015
Phil Dziuk IL 2015
Dick Kenealy CA 2014
Glenn Pirrong NC 2014
Norm Goldetsky MN 2014
Bob McNamara MN 2014
Donald Alt [1931-2014] OH 2014
Glynn Williams IL / TX 2014
Manny Organista CA 2013
Ben Marshall [1916-2013] TX 2013
Earl Acuff NC 2013
Gene Grapes [1922-2012] PA 2012
Sam Harry PA 2011
Al Holley BC CAN 2011
TJ Ferro IL 2010
Bob Kelley CA 2010
Robert Yoxall CA 2009
Chuck Ramey CA 2009
Ed Dalton FL 2009
John LoMonaco CA 2009
Irving Shuman AZ 2009
Sunny Zimmerman YT CAN 2008
Bob Finnel TX 2007
Ross Filippone BC CAN 2007
Jack McAfee OR 2007
Fintan Kilbride ON CAN 2006
Larry Green NE 2006
Arthur Brud Turner 2006
Mary-Low Acuff NC 2005
Saal Lesser NY 2005
C. Allen Shepherd MD 2004
Pat Colombo NY 2004
Roy Rudichuk OK 2004
Larry Lederman WI 2004
Luzell Wilde UT 2004
Gene Pletcher UT 2004
Stuart Strand 2004
Gene Strohlein 2004
Allen Schattner PA 2004
Charlie Russell CA 2002
Harry Steinman MD 2001
Nick Sans CA 2001
Ed Cremmins CA 2000
Len Kaiser CA 2000
Ron Maggard MO 2000
Del Helmhout ID 2000
Larry Voss CA 2000
Toby Foster MN 1999
Jerry Stoltman WI 1999
Ben McConnell CAN 1998
Joe Luckman MT 1998
Masao Yoshida JAP 1998
Bob Henley CA 1998
Ross Stevenson CAN 1998
John Bogasky VA 1997
Gib Smith VA 1997
Pat Deighan OH 1997
Joe Sawbridge AZ 1996
Dave Weinberg NY 1996
Bob Reinhoehl TN 1995
Pierre Miller IN 1995
Art Payne FL 1995
John Bareilles VA 1994
Ike Gummer KY 1992
John Becker GA 1992
Bob and/or Ben Johnson CA 1992
Howard Cole NM 1992
Warren Claridge MN 1989
Joe Simon MO 1984
Richard Walker TX 1982
Smitty Shippards TN 1975
Alex Guerry TN
John Doyle TN
Reg Lamont CAN
John Halverson CA
Bailey Pritchard TN
Willie Davenport