HOF 2017 | Andy Gomer

Andy Gomer with Cindy Tilbury
2017 | Andy Gomer

Andy Gomer of Arlington, Virginia, has never been to an NMRA event and yet, he is one of our staunchest supporters and fans. Over the years, Andy grew to admire the work of Carmen Alatorre-Martin and the NMRA so much that he made numerous contributions to assure that the tournaments became even better for the players.  He regularly plays high-level racquetball at the Fort Myer military base, where he first heard about the NMRA and its round-robin, social style of tournament play. All of the players in the group raved about their experiences and Andy stepped right up to make sure the events remained top-quality. To induct Andy into the Hall of Fame, we traveled to Fort Myers in June to surprise him with a mini-ceremony and enjoy a great weekend of celebration and gratitude!

Andy is a racquetball player, but his substantial financial contributions to NMRA have totalled more than any company or individual in our history.  He has owned several companies over the years, and is now CEO of Net-Centric Enterprise Solutions (NES) Associates, a global computer network enterprise.  He has provided funding for most of our tournaments for the past 6 years, to make sure that each offers the best possible experience, while also enabling us to build the NMRA Future Fund – which remains the primary hope for preserving and growing senior racquetball. Much of the Future Fund balance is due to Andy’s generosity and commitment.