The Best of the Best of Masters Racquetball

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The NMRA Hall of Fame honors past or present members who have made significant contributions in two categories. A Player Competitor / Performance inductee is a highly skilled and accomplished athlete with an outstanding playing record of medal wins and true sportsmanship.  An Outstanding Volunteer Leadership / Services Leader is a dedicated and skilled volunteer contributor who has given of their time and talents to the growth of quality NMRA programs and activities.

Nomination, review, selection and induction is based upon years of consistent and significant achievement, highlighted by outstanding personal sportsmanship of the highest quality. Eligibility criteria, nomination and voting procedures are published in the NMRA International Hall of Fame By-Laws, Policy and Procedure Manual.

Inductees & Photo Gallery

Name State Inducted Category
Barry Hendricks AZ 2021 Presentation Athlete
Carolyn Hollis [ 1959 – 2020 ] CA 2021 Presentation Athlete
Mitch Milewski NH 2021 Presentation Athlete
Curtis Alatorre-Martin VA 2020 Presentation Contributor
Frank Taddonio AZ 2020 Presentation Athlete
Bill Baker CA 2019 Contributor
Mike Grisz VA 2019 Presentation Athlete
Marcia Richards CO 2019 Presentation Athlete
Michael Hiles MN 2018 Presentation Contributor
Mildred Gwinn NC 2018 Presentation Athlete
John Prigmore KS 2018 Presentation Contributor
Leslie Pawka CA 2018 Athlete
Mike Pawka CA 2018 Athlete
Andy Gomer VA 2017 Contributor
Gladys Leonard AL 2017 Presentation Athlete
Mike Martin CO 2017 Presentation Contributor
Carmen Alatorre-Martin VA 2017 Athlete
Philip Dziuk [1926 – 2015] IL 2017 Presentation Athlete
Ralph Stillman [1931 – 2017] MN 2017 Contributor
Dan Jones GA 2016 Presentation Athlete
Len Sonnenberg CA 2016 Presentation Contributor
Bruce Adams OK 2015 Presentation Contributor
Rick Betts CA 2014 Presentation Contributor
Patrick Gibson TX 2014 Presentation Athlete
Cindy Tilbury CA 2014 Presentation Athlete
Ruben Gonzalez SC 2014 Presentation Professional
Jim Elliott AZ 2013 Contributor
Marquita Molina CA 2013 Athlete
Howard Walker TX 2013 Athlete
Tom Curran NC 2012 Contributor
John O’Donnell IL 2011 Presentation Athlete
Amos Rosenbloom [1928 – 2017] MN 2010 Contributor
Ben Marshall [1916 – 2013] TX 2010 Presentation Contributor
Dave Warner MN 2009 Athlete
Dick Kincade [1925 – 2015] CO 2008 Athlete
Harold “Cap” Hiles MN 2008 Contributor
Ken Moore CA 2007 Presentation Athlete
Sharon Hastings Welty OR 2006 Athlete
Ron Adams CA 2006 Athlete
Bob McAdam TX 2005 Athlete
Lola Markus IL 2004 Presentation Athlete
Glenn Allen VA 2002 Athlete
Tom Penick CA 2002 Athlete
Lee Graff OR 2001 Athlete
Merijean Kelley CA 2001 Athlete
Rex Lawler IN 2000 Athlete
Nick Sans CA 1998 Athlete
Sam Caiazza PA 1997 Athlete
Chet Howard WI 1997 Athlete
Vic Sacco NY 1997 Athlete
Earl Acuff [1918 – 2013] NC 1996 Athlete
Mary-Low Acuff [1919 – 2005] NC 1996 Athlete
Don Alt [1931 – 2014] OH 1996 Athlete
Paul Banales AZ 1996 Athlete
John Bareilles VA 1996 Athlete
Ivan Bruner [1924 – 2019] WI 1996 Athlete
Otis Chapman OH 1996 Athlete
Harvey Clar CA 1996 Athlete
Pat Colombo NY 1996 Athlete
Jerry Davis OH 1996 Athlete
Charles Garfinkel NY 1996 Athlete
Gene Grapes [1922 – 2012] PA 1996 Athlete
Joe Jackman PA 1996 Athlete
Jo Kenyon FL 1996 Athlete
Joe Lambert [1927 – 2019] TX 1996 Athlete
Sol Lesser NY 1996 Athlete
Bud Muehleisen CA 1996 Athlete
Ron Pudduck MI 1996 Athlete
Luzell Wilde UT 1996 Athlete

For those inductees shown to have passed, added
information may be found on the In Memoriam page.